How Duravator Carpet Can Save Building Owners Up To 70%

Duravator Replaceable Carpets retain their appearance longer.More and more building managers have discovered how Duravator carpetscan improve the image of their lobby, and building. Duravator resilience,strength and ease of regular maintenance, prolongs service life and can saveup to 70 percent in costs. Constructed with advanced nylon yarn and a specialurethane polymer backing, Duravator carpets feel good under foot and comewith a guarantee for one year not to shrink, wear, unravel or delaminate.Duravator carpets have lasted over ten years in heavy use.

Duravator Carpets eliminate the need for elevator rain mats. Protecting
the carpets on your upper floors begins in your elevators. But there is no need
to invest in unattractive weather mats or the labor required to manage them.
Duravator carpets can stand up to heavy traffic on wet days. When the weather
clears, simply remove them, clean them, allow them to dry, than reinstall.
No glue, no fuss, and no slippery stone