Why Duravator is the Choice of Architects

Duravator can fit your site image. We have a large inventory of stylish carpets designed to add an extra taste of luxury to any stainless steel, wood, stone, classic, or ultra modern cab specification. We also manufacture custom designed elevator flooring. From commercial logo carpets with embossed lettering, to the most avant-garde applications. If you can imagine it, we can create a unique, sophisticated Duravator carpet to match your vision. Architects can find us in The IBM Building in New York City, or Class A buildings around the country.

You don’t need to spec heavy cables when you can spec lighter elevators. Not to mention the heavier motors and machinery involved. Duravator carpets are not only lighter than stone, saving you cab weight, our carpet actually last longer than stone and tile, saving your client replacement costs. And its easier to maintain a Duravator carpet, making your clients even happier.

Duravator Carpets can help you gain LEED points. These are not thin
elevator flooring mats. Duravator makes sophisticated, plush, cushioned carpets that lie firmly in place, fitting snugly into the elevator cabs. Because they are not glued down, you will have no problem with adhesive VOC. And Duravator carpets can be removed for cleaning. Keeping the air fresh
and never subjecting tenants to the smell of cleaning fluid. Non-toxic and low energy maintenance can apply to innovation credits, and also help you gain points for indoor environmental quality.