Why Duravator Is The Choice Of Building Owners And Managers

Duravator carpets are designed to improve the appearance of any lobby. From new construction to elevator refurbishment, our plush elevator carpets are designed to look good, feel good under foot, and stand up to heavy elevator traffic. No more threadbare spots, unsightly edging, corner peeking, shrinking or edge ravel. Plus, you will never need to scramble for cumbersome rain mats on wet days.

Elevators are never closed for carpet maintenance. Duravator carpets are
custom made to fit each cab. They lie as flat as glue down, yet never take the
elevator out of service for cleaning. Simply replace the carpet, which takes
less than a minute, clean it and reinstall on your schedule. No elevator down
time, no cleaning agent smell and plenty of happy tenants.

Save up to 70%. Duravator carpets resilience, strength, and ease of regular
maintenance, prolongs service life and saves you up to 70% in costs. Plus
Duravator carpet in your elevators protects the carpeting on upper floors,
helping them last longer and require less frequent cleaning. A benefit you
can’t get from stone, wood or tile.

Duravator carpets are Guaranteed. Constructed as one piece from advanced nylon yarn and a special urethane polymer backing, Duravator carpets have been proven to retain their structural integrity and appearance longer than other flooring options, including stone. In fact, we guarantee our carpets not to shrink, wear, unravel or delaminate for one year.

Stephen Clark, Building Manager. “Managing an urban property today is
all about containment. Minimizing the risk. Take elevator carpets, that used
to be a disaster is now a five minute inconvenience. Roll up the mess, roll out the replacement Duravator and you are back in business.”