Why Duravator Replaceable Carpet Is Unique

Duravator is the only company making carpet designed specifically for elevators. And we have been doing it for over twenty years. Duravator replaceable carpet is engineered to stand up to heavy elevator traffic. Our combination of advanced nylon yarn and patented urethane polymer backing means no edge ravel, corner peeking, shrinking, or threadbare spots. Duravator carpets also come backed with a one year guarantee not to shrink, wear, unravel or delaminate.

Elevators with Duravator carpet are never closed for carpet cleaning. With its built-in pad, a cushioned Duravator carpet feels good underfoot and lies as flat, or flatter, than glue-down. Yet a Duravator carpet can be replaced n under a minute. So an elevator is never taken out of service for carpet maintenance. And riders are never subjected to the smell of cleaning materials.

Duravator carpets can save up to 70% in overall costs. Duravator replaceable carpets retain their appearance longer. Their resilience, strength and ease of regular maintenance, prolongs service life and can save a building owner up to 70 percent in costs. Our carpets have lasted over ten years in heavy application.

Duravator carpets are available in standard and custom designs.
We have a large selection of standard carpets designed to fit the look of any cab interior. We can create custom carpets featuring company logos, building identities and special graphics. And Duravator can make beveled edges, custom inserts and an unlimited scope of specialized graphics.

Bob Klein, Elevator Cab Consultants, Inc. “After years of problems with elevator floor carpeting installations, I have found the ideal solution, Duravator Carpet. Easily installed and removable for cleaning, soil resistant, shrink proof, no edge binding required, built-in cushioning, long wearing, attractive patterns and extremely cost effective. I now specify Duravator on all my elevator cab projects.”